Saturday, August 18, 2012

Conversations With Amy (February 2005 - August 2012) is officially full!

That's all folks!
I'm going to have to start a new blog.
Google just informed me that my data storage is at full capacity.

I can't get over how perfect the timing is, 
as I started the blog at the beginning of my season of staying home with my children, 
and now that I am about to return to working outside the home, the blog is full!
It's been a very full season.

I'll post a link to the new blog once I decide on a platform to use.

Blessings, dear friends, family, and readers!
The years have been rich.

Summer Slam

You are about to be slammed with summer pictures, and some pictures from the spring, too!
I'm trying to get all caught up because .... I start work on Monday!   I am very excited for this next season of our family's lives.  I'm not excited about what we are leaving, but I am very excited to face new challenges and opportunities.  But that's a whole other post ... this post is all about summer snapshots!

Simon getting his wii-fit time in, and Evie cheering him along on his race!

A snapshot from Simon's 8th birthday party!
Our family has been blessed with very dear friends.

Timmy and Simon

Game faces

At the city pool
We spent a lot of time here this summer, in between bouts of Evie's eczema!

Evie wore this toy around her waist pretty much all day; she was so ready to go to the pool yesterday.  I had staff training until 3, and when I came home we headed to the pool.  

These boots have been one of my favorite garage sale finds for Evie!

The other day Simon gushed,
"Mom, do you ever get that feeling where all of a sudden you are just so happy you are alive and you just can't believe it .... you know, that you are actually alive!  I get that feeling all the time!"

I was having some trouble today helping Simon with an Alien Lego Set.
I remarked, "I don't understand."
Simon, 'That's okay, Mom, no one really understands Aliens."

Keepin' it real!

Evie will turn five in two short months!

Can you see Evie on the left with her faithful monkey tube?

There's Simon's red hair!
Love that kid!

Simon is one of the most easy going kids I know.
For example, the other night I had told him we would go out to eat, but then I was too tired.
I asked him if he minded if we just went home and had boiled eggs and fruit.
His reply?  "Okay, sounds good!"
So thankful for his flexibility!

Evie loves to dress up!
One of her great strengths is that she is very careful, and she has a great memory!
She never leaves toys or purses, and usually, if she wants to take something with her the next day, she puts it right by the back door so that she won't forget it.
A girl after my own heart.  Literally.

Impressionist tea-cup photo of the kids and I

My mom on a carousel!

Having fun with the kids at the Dallas Zoo!

Simon and the Eagle

Evie's on the giraffe!  (of course!)

The kids were great sports at the zoo.
We accidentally went on dollar day, but we rose to the occasion.
I let each person choose one attraction, then we called it a day!
Short and sweet.

Simon loves a good map!

My mom described the sugar free, gluten free, vegan muffins I brought as "almost a treat!"

Love this snapshot!

Oh, just relaxing deceptively near a Whole Food bag while she nibbles on an nutrient free cracker of sorts.

Simon and Colton were as busy as bees!

Here's Elise!

We were at The Fields - a property of First Baptist Church Carrollton.
This is where Simon will play soccer this fall.

Matt running out to the car at GFA

Yes sir.

What cute cows

Rhome and Evie

Evie dancing in the sprinkler
Yes, it is those boots again!

Simon and friends at the zoo on a field trip

Timmy and Simon

Three generations of McDaniel men
Easter Weekend, 2012

Evie and Moriah (age 11 months)
Enjoying a leisurely shopping trip

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Misc Summer Snapshots

Mommy and Son date to Zone Action Park.
Originally, the plan was for Matt to have quality time with Simon, but Matt had strep at the time our Groupon was about to expire.  Lesson learned.  Don't wait to use Groupons.

These pictures were actually from the last week of school.

Moriah getting a bath in our farmhouse sink

Kellie and Moriah stayed with us a couple of nights when Josh was out of town.

Getting ready to walk to a store.
Don't you love Evie's get-up with cowboy boots?
She loves those things.
So glad I stopped at that garage sale.

Simon and Evie continue to get along incredibly well.
The only problem is sometimes they get along too well ...
And that's when I wish we had sound-absorbing carpet all over our house.

Our new paint color in the den!
Love it.
I rarely love a color as much afterwards, but this color was a real gem.

Handsome, fun, and unassuming

Beautiful, Detailed, and Compassionate

Simon took SO many pictures on our walk.
I'm not including most .... let's just say he was enthralled with EVERYTHING from a feather to an apartment balcony overflowing with potted plants.
And our walk to the store took a long time
But, what can you expect when you are taking along a little photo-journalist?

Clutching my reusable British flag shopping bag.
Sarah would be proud :)

At the pool last week there was a family with a British Accent.
I mentioned to Simon that they were from England.
"What, Mom!  Someone should call the POLICE!  The British want to capture us.  We're enemies!"

Simon doesn't understand that history isn't stuck in the American Revolution.

Really, any period he studies is as if it were present day.

That really gets us into trouble in other areas not appropriate for public blogs.

I made my photojournalist stop so I could take his photo.

My little crook 
Yesterday when I was getting together our shopping list and coupons for CVS,
Evie 'made' her own coupons to take with her in an envelope.
Sweet, but illegal.
The cashier thought it was really sweet.
It's probably the first time she received artwork, er, coupons,  at the workplace.

Simon and I went to an ice-cream tasting contest at the Dallas Farmer's Market.
It benefited a local disadvantaged youth outreach.
For $5, you bought a plastic spoon, and you received a sample of all of the participants original ice cream creations.  For example, one flavor was sweet corn.  But most flavors were fruit-based.

Simon asked me which one I voted for, and I told him whichever kid had the least number of votes.  I can't remember the flavor, but neither Simon or I could finish our sample.  Yes, it was that bad.  I think it was ridiculously heavy on thyme or some other spice.

Simon said that was a good idea (to vote for him), and that he wished he had done the same thing.

Oh, no, it looks like I am teaching him mercy, not honesty.

Look what came out of the pig's belly!

I love the juxtaposition here in this picture.

Dallas really is an amazing place to live, once you get past July-September's heat.
Lots of family-friendly places, tons of convenience, and public schools and charter schools that are much more conservative here than elsewhere.

Our little Mr.Bean car.
We have been a one car family since April.
We did it before for 10 months a few years ago, but our only car was a van.
We've been in some pretty tight spots only having one (little!) car, but I'm proud that we're managing.
But, in a few months, we will be in the market for another (bigger) car.


Giraffey is one LOVED animal

In this picture, Evie remind me so much of my cousin Jessie at this age.

Simon and his loyal friend at a local splash park

These two kids have a sweet friendship that is low-maintenance.
What a blessing!
I think having a close, consistent friend since such a young age has helped Simon immensely.

Here is a long-shot of the new splash park (free!) in Carrollton.
My friend Debi and I stayed in the shade and enjoyed a nice visit.
Debi was telling me that when her sister from out of state visited last year, that she was amazed at all of the family friendly amenities North Texas offers.  She said it was really unique, and that it wasn't like that everywhere.  I had never thought about it from that perspective, so I am much more thankful for the money our city spends on families.

A wildlife area outside our library.

Do you see a giraffe?

I'm sure there is a funny caption for this photo, but I'm not that creative.

Evie's profile here reminds me of my grandma Doris.

Dancing in the sprinkler ... in cowboy boots
Quick, someone, write a country song

Helping a tired Evie to bed
Good night